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We are looking for volunteers to help us develop Speedy Mail Software, a free software and open source web-based email such as Gmail. We want the mail to be as similar as possible to the excellent email of Google, Gmail. When we develop such a mail software, we intend to run a free email service to all members of Speedy Net, so that the username of each person at Speedy Net + the domain name will be the email address of the user. In the past we operated an email like this, but unfortunately we had to close it because it was a lot worse than Gmail, in terms of features and storage, and also because we were not able to control the problem of spam ("junk mail") sent to our clients. But if we can recruit volunteers to create a good email program, we will reactivate Speedy Mail and will allow any company or organization to operate a similar web-based email on their site.

Speedy Mail Software will use the Python and JavaScript languages. Speedy Net is also free software and open source. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me by email.

Thank you and good luck,
Uri Rodberg
Founder and director of Speedy Net and Speedy Mail,
Speedy Paz Technologies Ltd.